Sunday, January 31, 2010


I can remember being pregnant and sitting on the big blue couch in the den and looking out the window and closing my eyes to imagine what I hoped Leah would have from me, have from Vin, and be like. I wanted creativity for her, Vin wanted her to be bossy (like mommy, he said).

I try to make sure she always has a bucket of crayons, a stack of paper, and her special Harry Potter cave under the stairs with a big mirror so she can imagine and play... I hoped for independence and strength, love and kindness, and a big head of blond hair! I got it.

I love the weekends, that is our time. I especially love the weekend mornings, early, I mean, early. We check out our projects and play with our stuff and just enjoy the time, because weekends sure do go by fast.

She helped me plant these strawberry seeds and patted the dirt with her chubster fingers. Look at how they have grown. She says "waaaaooowwwhh!" when she sees them :) I love the little green thumb she has brewing, I think I have that, I hope she got that from me. The chalk marks are sprouting up all around the house, outside on the sidewalk, on her chalk board, and now (thanks to a lack of supervision) on the lanai tile. I see two X's and maybe a hopeful 5, I was told it takes two miles of scribbles for a child to gain the strength to write their name. I think all that scribbling is working :)
And then there is the swing. Oh the swing. Wing, swweeeeiiinnnggg, upy, mine, no-mine... it is her swing. Don't think about touching it, or asking for a turn, it's a non-negotiable.

Vin and the neighbor hooked it up. Why it is in a big knot, don't know. But will it come down, um.. no.
But that doesn't matter. Look at the smile from the "wing" she screams, "weeeeee!" and her little teeth show, and I smile, and the neighbors come out to see, and it is just great!
(p.s. I cannot stop giggling about her teeth! Vinny says, "she's a rabbit!" )
poor kid is gonna need braces!
Then she pushes puppy, and sometimes swing gets out of control, and crashes into the tree and puppy is flung from the swing and she says, "uh oh" like it is no big deal, because, in her world, it isn't.

And then she collects her cho-cho, and picks puppy off the ground and goes for a walk. And looks up at the trees, and picks up a leaf from the ground, and attempts to smell what she perceives to be a flower but it is really a napkin stuck to a bush, but she is creative. And she is observant. And she is all mine :)

love that leah bug