Saturday, January 31, 2009

the park

I had a goal today... to get my girl on a swing. Mission accomplished! I took Lee to the park today, it will for sure be more fun when she can walk around, but the swings hit the spot ;)

They have this cool "sand" pit, its really gravel. I love it... no mess at all

Vin had soccer practice today, but managed to squeeze in some time at the park with us before he left ;) He loved pushing his girl!
Skye and Stephanie joined us at the park. Skye is 2 days older than Lee and such a pro on the swings!

I did not place Leah's hand on Skye's shoulder, I swear!

Getting the two of them to look at the camera at the exact same time with a smile, harder than one would think!

I swear.. I look at her and I day dream about the kind of person she is going to be. My sister asked me yesterday at dinner what I thought her voice was going to be like... I hear her do the dadada, babab, mblmmmb, but really, how will she sound when she calls my name, or yells NO! in a store and totally embarasses me? The little milestones are pretty cool, she is totally growing up on me.

Love that leah bug
(who is big enough to go on the swings!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

lazy day and funny night

We went to the field behind our house today with the dogs (we attempted the pool before this and it was just too cold! ). While Lee looked adorable in her bathing suit, this was more picnic weather, so we took advantage of it.

When we came back we had a lazy afternoon, made some almond coconut macaroons from scratch (yes, scratch) while lee was sleeping, and then a tray of Vin's baked ziti. I took a cute video of Lee during her bath, and then Vin the Entertainer took over. Forget the bath video, maybe tomorrow, you have to see this for yourself...
I cannot stop laughing about these!
here is another one, could be even funnier...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Vin is the best when it comes to entertaining Lee. He has such an imagination. He totally cracks me up! Little Lee was just enjoying her Bebe pod and and Vin came up with this...
Here is a little video of them tonight. When you get there, click play to see my hubby's creativity ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

sidewalk chalk

Ever since we got a set of crayola sidewalk chalk, Lee loves being outside and enjoying nature. She always enjoyed sitting outside, but her eyes are nowopen out there, and she is really seeing the great outdoors. The artist carefully selects her color palate

reaches for her tool of choice

and ever so gently draws on her face and places the chalk in her mouth I know this isn't the best picture of Lee enjoying her chalk, but it is the only one I got with her eating the actual chalk!Chanel came over and we enjoyed the sidewalk chalk more than little miss creative

The little artist got bored and ventured off into the grass to enjoy the vegetation

Even teddy got into the action. He sat on my creation!

Then Vin came home and I was chopped liver.
Her daddy is here, no one else matters :)

I love days off with my bug, she is so fun!
love that leahbug

Sunday, January 18, 2009

big day

Big girl got baptised today! She looked adorable, as always, in her little white ensemble. I call it "Modern Florida Baptism" I just love the idea of linen pants, crochet, and ribbons :) She was loving her outfit, but a little nervous about the whole event...Her little cheeks got flushed

Checking out the crowd, a little on the shy side...

All went perfect! She did not cry when they poured the water on her head, but really needed a nap so she was a bit cranky as we were standing in front of everyone. More pictures to come, I'm waiting for Chanel (our photographer) to pick out the good ones and share them with me...

Later tonight, she was having a grand old time with her daddy. He really knows how to make her laugh.

Everything in the mouth!

, Lee has Elizabeth Taylor-esque violet eyes! They are pretty blue, but they have a hint of violet ;)

love that leahbug

I have been trying for an hour to upload a video. It didn't work.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my girl

I NEVER get to be in any pictures with my girl, so I decided to bask in the spotlight for a second. Me and my girl. I think she is starting to look a little like me... I said a little :)
I love to blow rasberries on her cheeks, she tries to open her mouth when I do it. She makes a cute little face ;)

I love those cheeks, can they be any cuter?

She is focused in on the ice cream at the table... looks like she is visualizing herself eating it!

love that leahbug
she's just too cute for words!

Friday, January 16, 2009

growin' up

So, we're really into eating stuff. Not too particular either. Peas, peaches, pears, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes... you name it, we eat it. As long as she can hold the spoon at some point, all is well in the Bertuna house.

Lee is kinda/sorta crawling! I refer to it as slithering :) She gets on her little hands but can't quite figure out the knees yet, but she pulls herself to where she wants to go! It is so cute!

love that leahbug

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

half a year

My girl is 6 months old, a whole half a year! She is cuter than I ever thought a baby could be, and she really has a personality! I like it too, I would totally be friends with Lee if I were in school with her, she is such a personable girl, totally my kinda people!

Leah is almost totally sitting on her own, we have to occasional loss of balance but no big bonks or tears, she just flips over and tries again :)

Everything in the mouth, at least she inspects it first, I guess that is all a mom can ask for...

I always ask her, "whatcha got kid?" No response, just a wiley grin and in the black hole it goes

Along with her legs that keep getting longer,she has those lashes, they go on forever!

That bug does some pretty amazing stuff:
- slithering across the floor

- gets on those hands and knees and is ready to crawl!

- screams at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason
- lights up, full blown smile,when her daddy walks in the room

- eats all the good stuff I put in front of her

- goes to bed without a fight

- is starting to suck her thumb! (Vin and I both did, me until I was 10!)

- Plays with her hair and my hair as she tries to put herself to sleep

- rolls over and back again

- grabs teddy and emma's tails and refuses to let go

Here is my attempt at the monthly picture on the ladybug pillow. I think I need a chair for her or something, no shot she is staying put anymore.

If I kept taking snaps on the camera you would have seen her stand up and walk out the door, she is not into this shot anymore. I got the best one last month, I think the pose for the camera phase is over.

Happy 6 months bug.
Love that Leahbug