Wednesday, September 9, 2009

labor day

Aunt Yoli and Uncle Sal came to visit this past weekend! They couldn't wait to get thier hands on Leah! I loved watching them with her, she was shy at first, but Sal just handed over cheese and french fries throughout the weekend, and now...

they're best buds! Went to Coconut Point for some lunch and Uncle Sal showed Lee around the turtle pond, which she thought was pretty cool.

We went to Isle of Capri...

Yoli got some serious sun, so did Sal, I actually heard him frying!

Vin and Sal thought it might be fun to take out a kayak...

Lee was pissed.

She wanted to go too!

I laughed so hard as the owner showed these two Brooklyn boys a map of the waterways! Could have been speaking latin, they had no idea! They did have a blast on Kelle's waverunners! Vin was so excited, he left before I could snap a picture!

We sure did have fun with them.

Until next time...

everyone's lovin' that Leah bug

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's a nightly thing.
She pulls him to the door, she knows this is her time with him.
Just before dinner, they go out to the lake.
To see the ducks.
She says ducks, over and over again until they come.
They have to sneak bread, crackers, goldish, whatever they can get thier hands on before I tell them thats for tomorrow or snack or whatever :)
Its a covert operation that they do together.
I love how he just stands there with her and they wait. they get pretty close.

and she eats what she is supposed to be feeding them.

I just love that!

And when its over, and they are out of snacks, she always says "mour?"
"Mour" time with the ducks?"
Mour" time with daddy?
"Mour" snacks?
she just knows she wants ...
I know daddy always wants "mour" time with her.
love my little bug