Monday, March 15, 2010

what a blanket can do

Who knew that a blanket could be so much fun... when Vin is involved, it isn't just fun, its a pee-in-your-pants kinda afternoon, where daddies fly around the front yard, screaming at the top of their manly lungs and put a huge smile on an almost 2year old's face... and make mommy have to immediatley run to the computer to blog about it!
This is hysterical!
super hero
It was that kind of day.
this is a MY TURN stance

love my family.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

almost 20

20! Seems like she was 5 yesterday. Rolling over, in her walker, beginning to eat solids....Can it be? No, I refuse to accept it. She cannot be this close to the big 2-4. It feels so fast! Next month I will be packing her back pack for kindergarden and then off to high school, and then she is graduating college and we are doing her resume for her big interview and, AHHHH! But, she is still 19, until Friday...
Check this out! Supa-dupa soccer star dribbles down the sidewalk!

Lee is way into holding hands now, which I LOVE! Finally, some girly stuff! She is such a tomboy, it makes me so happy to see her holding hands, finally giving goodnight kisses, and really enjoying the Botanical Gardens! (sooo foo-foo)

I think this green thumb thing is so from me. We spent a good hour watering the plants at the botanical garden, they had the sweetest little watering cans for the kids, total magic!

I eat up this laugh. I wish I had audio of her laugh. It is a scream that cannot be explained. EVERYTHING daddy does is hysterical! A grab your belly- slap your knee- red in the face kind of hysterical!

Loving 20.
21, I can wait for!