Sunday, December 27, 2009

18 months

Things we are really into: (in alphabetical order)

1. Babies- all babies. And, she is really rough with them. This poor baby would be in some serious trouble if she were alive. Broken legs, arms, concussions, brain damage, poked out eyes, but she would not be starving. Leah does feed her quite a bit.

a video I call: leah and the baby

2. The beach: the sand, the surf, and the shells. Finally, I mean.. we are FINALLY out of the shell and sand eating phase (high five!)

we went to see Kimberly and baby Madison at the beach!

3. Birds (really into those too): Lee likes to point at them, yell directions at them, and generally just thinks they are interesting. When they fly away, that is magical! Her little chubby hands go up into that perfect, palms up, fingers spread apart, inquisitive look, like.. where are they going? I just love it!

4. Climbing: we have a mini monkey on our hands. Up trees, slides, tables, chairs, pretty much anything that will support her weight, she climbs on.

5. ELMO- all in caps. Elmo is the MAN right now. Elmo shirts, diapers, toys, shopping carts, she says his name, as well as Ernie and Coo-coo (cookie monster) but nobody, no way, can beat Elmo! We watch him on sesame street online and she loves this one song about elmo with adam sandler... check it out!

6. Reading: she loves to read! Leah won't actually sit through a whole book at this moment, but she likes the idea of a book, pictures are cool, words seem interesting....we're working on it.

Loving life with my 18 month old! In fact, I always promised that I would not say Leah's age in months, so starting now, she is a year and a half.

love that leah girl

Saturday, November 21, 2009

beach bum and the big top

We decided to try the beach this morning.

Stephanie and I hang every Saturday since both Leah and Skye are up at the crack of dawn, and we thought, hey... lets beach it!
It was pretty fun. totally gorgeous outside,
hotter than we would have liked,
but gorgeous all the same

Leah snuck up on those birds like a predator, I love when she does that.

who doesn't love a little airplane ride now and again :)Lee and Skye are so stinking cute together, I love when they play :)

We hit the circus tonight!

Big Top Bertuna's!
There is something so magical about elephants...

their eyes, their wrinkles, they just seem so wise and innocent

we had to pull skye off the stairs, the beauty loves to climb!

we had to pull Leah away from the funnel cake, this beauty loves to eat!

and into the tent we went!

Lee was into it!

and just as the show closed, and the elephants went to sleep, my big girl was big time pooped.

great day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

jets girl

Leah rocks the number 6

She works the green

and the mesh

and the logo

and the big socks

This is her uniform.

its gameday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last year didn't count. I mean, at 3 months old it isn't like you know you are wearing a costume or get the concept of trick-or-treating. I am not going to say she got it this time either, but, she did enjoy herself this year and partook in the candy gathering and dressing up:) And seriously, she rocked her costume, that I handmade for my little hamburger! When I was little my mom made our costumes for us, withches, genies, belly dancers, 50's girls, whatever we declared we would be, she made it! I didn't hear a declaration of, "mommy, I want to be Pebbles!" However, I made the executive decision and ran with it.

And so I give you, Pebbles Bertuna...
complete with the teal spanks, she worked her inner pebbles

she rocked out the thong sandals laced up her leg with cheetah fur (faux fur of course)

even gave me a little smooch to show her appreciation
and when it got dark, her inner chocolate lover exploded!

slowly at first...

and then, when that first kit-kat hit her perfect little lips,

it was over... total sugar junkie!"mour, mour" she would say
until there was just no mour

And thats how it went.
Halloween 2009.
Been there, done that, loved it!