Thursday, September 25, 2008

beautiful thursday

It was gorgeous last night, so we decided to go for a walk before bed and walked out the door and saw this white rabbit! I think it was a pet that was lost or something, but Vin and I have decided to call him Peter. He comes right up to you and eats out of your hand! Our neighbor has been feeding it cat food, and now it won't leave.

On the walk, I took a video of the stinker, she makes some cute little faces. She is getting so big, I think she can fit in her stroller now without the car seat...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmm...Panera :) My favorite lunch of all time! Vin and Leah and I had an awesome day today! After a very long week at work we had a great family day this afternoon. Vin took his girls to lunch and we went for a walk around Coconut Point.
Leah got a new blanket at Gymboree, they have the softest blankets! It is a watermelon blankey for my sweetie ;)
Her little elehant buddy Tony came along for the ride too. I am not sure where the name Tony came from, just a little something I thought up :)
We went to Target and got her a new surfboard tummy time mat, although all of the pictures of her here are on her back. She is really good at the neck arching stuff, she is a pro!

Vin just loves this girl, he can't stop kissing her chipmunk cheeks! We ask her, "yous gots nuts in there?" It makes her smile every time!

Then later, we went to the doggy park with our other babies:) Emma was pretty good, she only kicked two dogs asses.

Vin was the bouncer, he kept them all in line
I think Leah missed most of the action, she fell asleep in the baby carrying thing. I told you , twelve steps and she is out!

She is all tuckered out. She always looks so cozy in her seat. This is the Cadillac of car seats, you know!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

little things

I love those wittle tingers (yes, I said tingers), they are so chubby! She learned this week how to grab stuff. Granted she holds on for about 20 seconds, but it is a start. She's new!

She makes this funny face as she flies through the air. I think the weight of her cheeks makes this adorable look happen!

She usually smiles, I guess she wasn't in the mood to be a caped-crusader this afternoon.

It is amazing that she didn't seem to feel the giant milk bubble forming and then eventually dripping off her face. I have a dot of mustard on my face and I am all over it.

She just looks pissed.

Not feeling like her normal supermodel self today, I guess :)

This has been a tough week, I went back to work and it has thrown her schedule off. She is coping, not very gracefully!

I just love that Leah Bug :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sitting outside with my chunky girl is great. First of all, the neighbors come out of the woodwork and gush at how cute she is, they say she looks like Vinny of course, but it is still nice to hear she is cute. I just reply, "I know :)" She is not very photogenic in the sun though, she will not open her eyes! The minute we go outside, those things get glued shut and the tongue comes out ;) except for this one of course ;)

My buddy who I refer to as Creative Kim made these highly inappropriate shirts for Leah when I was pregnant :) I LOVE THEM! I always giggle when I see them in her drawer and when she puts one on I think of Kimberly. Kimberly is just one of those friends that really gets me. I know she has been dying to see if I actually put Leah in one of them, and I really do! Not all in one day of course, but I thought she might model them this evening. :)

Thought we might wear this one to New York to visit the grandparents and cousins. I would hate to sit next to us :)
I love this one, instant giggle :)
The other day we experienced the dog walking trip from hell. I am not sure what happened, but it looked as though we were strangling Leah, not to mention it was like 100 degrees outside. There was no magic today, none at all...
She apparently is not ready to sit facing front yet, ya think???

We of course turned her around, but she was already pissed, the walk was doomed..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Leah is getting really good at posing for the camera. A few duck noises and a fish face on my part and she is all smiles!

Are you kidding me! Look at that dimple!

Being this cute is exhausting!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And it begins...

Football season has begun! It's official! The JETS won today 20-14 and it was quite a game ;) The Pynnonen's came over to be our game buddies and we had a great time screaming at the TV and munching on appetizers while the JETS kicked butt! Leah of course slept most of the time in her swing, but made an appearance to hang with us in the 4th quarter. Vin bought her this jersey complete with boots and a bib, I made her the bow this morning so everyone knew she was a real girlie JET fan ;)

Even Teddy and Emma got into the game.

Again with the faces Vin, enough!


At least he is calm this season... so far!

Last night after we put Leah to bed, Vin stayed up talking about how excited he is that Leah is here to share this passion with him. He can't wait to get her into the JETS, I can just see them sitting on the couch watching the games together, all decked out in green.
It's a Bertuna thing :)