Thursday, February 26, 2009


I really don't know how to express how adorable this kid is with her daddy. Words fail me right now. Sometimes Vin goes out on the balcony to take a phone call, and if leah sees this, she bolts over to the door and smushes her smushable little face against the glass and waits for him. She pulls herself up onto the door to watch. Sometimes she cries for him, but mostly she just watches and waits for him. I remember being so excited when my dad came home from work at night or a business trip, I know this is the same. Daddies and thier little girls.... what else needs to be said?

love that leah bug

Monday, February 23, 2009

the park, take two

We went to the Pelican Bay park while Vin was playing soccer in the other day. She seemed bigger this time, she fit into the swings differently. Can she really change that much in a month?

I love her hair flying in the breeze, I giggled the whole time. Mouth open, white fingertips from hanging on, a little squeal as she swung. Pure joy.

I have been studying up on advertising stuff for my students at school and a picture looking up at the subject is supposed to represent power and prestige. Does she look powerful?

My attempt at the artsy-fartsy buttons from my photo program, this is called "noise". It looks like an old fashioned photo to me. Old fashioned, but with a fresh face.

love that leah bug

Saturday, February 21, 2009

its the real thing

This is the real thing... no imitations here, no army crawling, no slithering, the REAL, DEAL, CRAWLING! She just figured it out, like overnight! Not only is my big girl crawling, she has a tooth! When we were at the doctor last week, he felt around for a tooth and said, nope not yet... Well, the other day I spotted it! Just a single tooth on the bottom on the left side. No crying and misery from the inevitable tooth, nope, just popped up and she is cool with it. In fact, she bit me a little, I assume it is from trying to pry her mouth open so I can show Vin and take a look at it again, but no big deal, just a little nibble.

This kid is everywhere! We are going to get some locks and those fun socket protectors this afternoon, she is mobile, and we have stairs! Now I am thinking we need to get a gate or two! I sense some shopping today :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

daddy taught her

Vin taught her this adorable thing, she clicks her tongue. Vin was very proud of himself for teaching her this, I cannot get Lee to stop doing it now. Its cute, but I am afraid she is going to think this is a new kind of greeting;) No hello, no waving, just clicks. hmmmm.... By the way, at the end, I am pretty sure that is a distinct "dada"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Better than a Ferrari!

Leah is BETTER than a Ferrari! Yesterday we checked out the Ferrari's on 5th. Now, I know nothing about Cars, but Aunt Jen's dad showed his Corvette, and it was pretty cool! Leah was pretty in pink, since it was Valentine's Day, and got more attention than the cars themselves!
I thought so anyway!
Aunt Jen and Mei Lei,
We all had massive burgers at Cheeburger Cheeburger, mmm... grease!

We had to get some ice cream afterwards, Vin and I had gelatto, but aunt jen had to have Kilwin's! The aroma of that store is out of sight! Freah baked waffle cones, chocolate dipped strawberries... um, yum!

Aunt Jen bought Lee a little monkey. Leah hasn't put this monkey down since yesterday!

Drooling over the monkey, she messed up her shirt a little...

The smiles were un-stopable!

She is saying, "No way, get out of town!"

There were more Ferarri's than I had ever seen! I am not totally sure yet, but I am thinking my little Ferrari (Leah) might cost more than these.

This is the car we came to see, the real show stopper! It's orange, apparently only 4000 were made... ever!

Long day+ lots of cars+ lots of laughs+ gelatto+ burgers+ sun... equals NAP.

Happy Valentine's Day Leah Bug

Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Months and some favorites

That's right, 7 months old. Leah is a little girl now, she even likes little girl things. Headbands are my obsession, I feel like she looks girlie in them, and she doesn't mind wearing them either. Today was her doctor's appointment, it was a month late. I took the whole day off today and we had some fun, prior to the appointment anyway.
Lunch at Panera, our favorite. Leah loves to sit in her high chair and munch on some bread, she is such a good eater!
Leah loves her shoes, and I love this about her too, I bought her the cutest white patent leather ones with pink bows, and she loves to touch the bows. I just love her sneakers, tough with the denim, but still pretty feminine
I brought the camera to document her weight, I was pretty sure she was 18 pounds... but I was wrong.

27 inches long, she is 3 inches longer than she was last time we were there ;)
And for her weight, drum roll..... that says, 19 pounds, 7 oz.! Yes, you read it, it is right there is black and white ;) She is offically a 1 year old! I giggle because Dr. Needle said, "Just to put her weight into perspective, most 1 year olds weigh 20 pounds..." He was fine with her weight though, he said she is getting into her active stage and expects that she will lean out as she really starts moving (crawling). I love the percentiles, that is my favorite, she is 90th percentile for weight and 75th for height.

She flipped over so fast on that scale, the nurse said, "I have been doing this for 20 years and never seen a baby flip that fast, she is a lively one." After she gave Leah her shots she also added, "ooohh, that one has a temper!"

I assume she said this because Leah slapped her after the second shot :)

And Leah's total favorite is her bath, I took a video of it, I love her in the bath. She stays in there for a good 30 minutes and cries when I take her out. She screams in there, not because she is mad, but she loves the echo, Teddy and Emma stay out, it is too loud for them in there!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

music to my ears

Uncle Fab is very talented, he has at least a dozen guitars at his house. The entire time I was pregnant, he promised that he would teach Leah how to play guitar. Well...he is going to have a great student on his hands, because Leah LOVED it! I couldn't stop smiling because it was cool to see how she was drawn to the music! She stared at his fingers and they changed notes and would smile as he played my favorite song, "here comes the sun" and reach to touch the guitar.
He would change insturments Lee would look at him with these interested eyes... It was adorable!

The little musician is partial to the regular acoustic guitar

I have a great little video of Fab playing to Lee, but there were people around, so you hear more of the talking than the music. I will get a better one soon :)
Here are a few smiley pictures, I just love that leah bug!