Sunday, November 30, 2008

its beginning to look a lot like christmas...

We set up the Christmas tree yesterday! Lee sat in her bouncy set making all kinds of noises while Vin and I hung the ornaments. Vinny swears that she said "uh-oh" but I haven't heard it yet! Lee was totally enjoying her outfit yesterday, Aunt Martha gave Lee this adorable organic cotton outfit and she totally fits in it! I want one! It amazes us that she fits in these 6-9 month pants, last Christmas we would always say, hey.. next year we will have a baby, won't that be cool? you know what.. it is better than cool, it is the most exciting time of our lives, everything is new and we get to show it to her! What is better than that? Vin put Lee on his shoulders to see the angel on top. She was into it for a few seconds and then realized how high she was, if Vin had hair, she would be holding onto it at this point!

Once she got a hold of that limb, we had to pry her fingers off of it!

I can't wait to fill the bottom with presents, I predict an exer-saucer will be under there ;)

I think blue is her color! Thanks Aunt Martha! Where is mine? (medium adult might fit)

Our friend Mike calls Leah "grumpers" I wonder why?
Merry Christmas Leah Bug

Friday, November 28, 2008

turkey coma

Happy Thanksgiving! We had the 3rd annual Bertuna turkey day at our house. Much smaller than last year, but ten times better! I had a rough time last year with the turkey, part of the pregnancy aversions was poultry for quite some time. But hey, I was not pregnant this year, so I pigged out! Lee did too, she had some sweet potatos from her newly set up high chair (thanks to Chanel and Rachel, thanks girls!)

Frank even made eggplant parm for vin , I am not sure that is thanksgiving food, but Vin always says it reminds him of his Nonna Yolanda's thanskgivings. Frank sang Yellow Submarine by the Beatles to Lee all day, totally off key and everything! He is such a good grandpa!

Lee sitting up with the big people in her super cool high chair, thanks Auntie Yolanda!

I love that she reaches for things now

Lee loves her Aunt Jacky and Grandpa Rick doting over her, she eats it up!

She eats up the attention, and the guests too!

Vin was so proud of his garlic knots, he is such a baker!

Next year, turkey for this kid, no more eating the company

I laugh out loud when I see this, I think it was mid sneeze, but..
Honestly, doesn't this picture, as strange as it is, remind you of... This one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aunt Kim and my new socks!

My best bud from college is in town, she is the best! She is the one that made those hysterical onesies that crack me up! We went and saw her and her mom Trish today down at their house on the beach. Aunt Kim got Lee an adorable outfit and the best accessory, a new pair of shades. Lee loves her accessories (we all know she works the bows), she didn't try and take them off once, she knew she looked goooood!

Lee drooled quite a bit, but nothing compares to the dozen or so times she spit up on me while laying at the beach...

We attempted to put her feet in the water, it was COLD! Lee was none too pleased with that!Yes, she was pissed. But... the shades still looked good!Now for the socks... I got her these socks at my favorite baby store, they were usually 14 bucks for this little box of socks, but I got the whole box for 5 bucks! Not only are they adorable, but I got quite a deal! They look like little ballet slippers or mary janes. I love her chubby feet in these socks, too cute!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

jumping bean

Leah got a "johnny jumper" from our buddy Julie the other day. I immediately went home to find the nearest door frame. The new ones hang off a door frame like 1-2-3, boom, she's bouncing! Thanks Julie!
The only door frame we have is the one in her room to Lee's bathroom and the one in the hallway, so we set up shop in her room and I stuck her in there and she loved it! I had to add a few towels for support, but since she can hold her head up, we were good to go!

Everything goes in the mouth!

Here's a little video of the jumping action! More of this is eating stuff than actual jumping... ok, it is more like a slight bounce than a jump, but I think with age, we might see some real Leah jumping action!