Tuesday, March 24, 2009

little bully

Leah is one tough cookie, no doubt about it ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I hate folding laundry. But I love folding Leah's laundry, her little socks, onesies, and pj bottoms with the chicks on them that she looks so cute in;) I love our routine, on the weekends. I let Vin sleep in and Lee and I get up and hang out. I fold her laundry and drink my coffee with vanilla cream and she eats her banana puffs and juice in her excersaucer. She shoots these smiles across the room at me, not ordinary stranger smiles, but ones where her whole face is in the smile. They are the kind that make you smile, the close your eyes, cheeks hurt, toofers showing smiles that make life worth living smiles.

And when it is all folded and done we go for our walk with the dogs. Vinny gets up and she smiles some more and the day goes on. I think it is fair to say that the weekends seem like magic.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sweet sunday afternoon

Oh what a sweet Sunday afternoon we are having. Vinny is making baked ziti right now, Leah just went down for her nap after her big swim, and I am getting ready to watch a movie on the couch. Does it get any better? We went to the pool earlier. I just love Lee in her cherry bathing suit, I love the ruffles, and the halter top, and I love the smell of her Coppertone baby sunscreen.

I just love the kissy face. Vinny says, "gimme a smooch"

I don't want the day to end, I can't wait for summer, it will be 2 months of sweet Sunday afternoons with my girl.

Love that Leah bug

Saturday, March 14, 2009

8 months and a lot of "I love"

At 8 months old, there are so many I love's, I am just going to list a few...

I love that you scream at the top of your lungs in the car when I think you are sleeping

I love you in your walker, that you figured it out and look darn cute in there too!

Check out this video of her walking around ;)


I love that you smile with your whole face

I love that even though you are so busy eating your cheerios, you cheer for daddy at his soccer games

I love that you aren't shy and smile at everyone

I love when you point with your little finger and try to touch my pointer finger, like E.T

I love that you mess with the dogs, sometimes they need a little messing with

I love that you stand up and are trying to walk, I am so proud of you for that

I love that you are your own person, you are already so independent!

Love that Leahbug!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big Eater

My big eater. Leah loves to sit in her chair and eat. Just like her daddy!

Her little grabber reflex is awesome. She picks up everything and the dogs are getting annoyed because very little falls on the floor anymore :)

Check out the back of the high chair, notice the black smears?
Vinny gave Leah an Oreo cookie the other night. I came home and he had this look on his face, kind of an uh-oh deal. He explained about the Oreo and showed me the highchair, it was COVERED in Oreo. He said it was like a crime scene, Oreo in the hair, on the chair, in the dogs hair, in her nose, he worked feverishly to get the evidence gone before I got home! He was so funny explaining it.
I might have to get a video of him explaining the Oreo incident!

I think in the picture she is doing that Italian thing, you know, all fingers tips pinched together and saying, bopping back and forth... fughettaboutit :)

Here is a video of my big girl and her Nilla wafers and a sippy cup. It almost sounds like she is growling in the video! I think she was ready for a nap!

She goes into "the zone" when she is eating sometimes, Vinny does it too (when he is trying to think of something funny to do)

And here is her funny moment. I guess while she was in "the zone" she decided to show us her cookie :)