Monday, March 15, 2010

what a blanket can do

Who knew that a blanket could be so much fun... when Vin is involved, it isn't just fun, its a pee-in-your-pants kinda afternoon, where daddies fly around the front yard, screaming at the top of their manly lungs and put a huge smile on an almost 2year old's face... and make mommy have to immediatley run to the computer to blog about it!
This is hysterical!
super hero
It was that kind of day.
this is a MY TURN stance

love my family.


Renata said...

Aww ! Mrs. Bertuna she is so cute !!!! Haha , even tough you already showed us it at school I"m still laughing ! Your back round laugh just make it better !.. OH hi by the way its Renata Almeida !

Heidi said...

aw. what a love, i miss her. xoxo

Kelly said...

Who is having more fun? Vin or Leah? She is so beautiful inside and out! I love her happy energy and that feeling Lily gets to be around that everyday!! xoxo