Tuesday, April 6, 2010

little bit

Spring break. Totally eventful, totally exhausting!
We did a little bit of everyting...
we started with a little bit of egg dying just a little, more watching than actual dying. it was messy.

a little bit of naked redneck bathing on the sundeck. not sure why, but when there is a smile, we go with it.

A little bit of the beach with our buddies

A little pushing of our friends, a slight sand toss into a friends eye, a smidge of an apology...

a little shopping.And a little diva behavior. But not enough to be a real diva (yet)

It was such a tease for summer!
Love my girl.


Kelly said...

There's nothing like unlimited time with the kids and was such a tease for summer. It made me salivate for something EVEN more If that's possible. That Leah bug is SO BEAUTIFUL! !

Heidi said...

that last picture is adorable!