Monday, April 19, 2010

love cup

My love cup is full! Yes... I have a love cup. Who knew! I always made fun of the saying, but lately I know what that means. My heart is full, fuller than I thought a heart could get. I am amazed constantly; the things she says, the things she gets, and the things she wants to do. She is a really fun kid with serious personality.
This face... well, it got this way after a day at the aquarium. Not my idea, this was all Vin. He mapquested, rationed the tolls for the ride to Miami, made sure the DVD player worked, got the appropriate videos (Tinkerbell, Stuart Little 1 and 2) and we made the trip down. we took in a few shows

woah, did Lee love the animals!

particularly the sea lions

sea world
and lets not forget Flipper

Dinner has become a blast! Vin and I make a point of sitting at the dining room table EVERY night to have dinner. Our parents did it, and so shall we :) Except, Leah won't sit in a high chair anymore, no booster seat either, not our laps even if she was bribed with chocolate! Nope, she sits in her big sofa seat which Vin brilliantly placed atop the chair and she is queen bee! No doubt about it!
dinner table

blurry, but still my favorite

This one is a hamburger smile too

And the weekends... It is hard to motivate to leave the house most days. Leah is so much fun at home, we just love playing here! It rained all day Sunday, perfect stay-in-your-jammies whether. And, yup, thats what we did!

Vin cooks imaginary soup with Lee. He tells her what ingredients to add from her Sesame Street spices (a little Elmo jam, some Grover dishsoap, a splash of BigBird pepper...)

Then, they stir. A lot. And taste. Then they add some more, and stir again, and then we eat on little plates, and Leah gives everyone a fork, and smacks her lips, and loves this game as much as we do. Because...

Her love cup is full too.

And I can say that Vin's is too.
Our cups runneth over.


Kelle said...

Yay! It's letting me leave a comment! She's precious, Wylie...and I love hearing you melt. Because, you're the funny hardass friend, who sometimes gets mushy...and when you do, it makes me smile.

Kelly said...

Look at your little marshmallow heart smooshing and oozing love everywhere. You've come over to love cup land; once you get a taste, you never turn back! Fill up those love cups Wy! xoxo